Providing Landscape Services High Quality Wild Sods

A Gorgeous meadow of Hay Scented Fern

Why Choose Native Sods From Us?


The answer is simple. Native Sods provide ground cover to bare areas of your landscape. The various sods we provide can add uniqueness and the true "Maine" feel to your residence. Choose the sods that best distinguish you. You might want the feeling of being submersed in a forested wonderland or surrounded by various edible plants like blueberry, huckleberry, or bunchberry. With the native sod selection we offer you can pick and choose what will satisfy your needs the best.

 So why native and not cultivated? That is because there is nothing better than a natural landscape. Wild sods will establish faster and more effectively than cultivated varieties simply because they are already root established and hardier than cultivated products which have spent their life in a pot. This means that the plant has a much higher success rate at establishing to its new home and requires less maintenance to do so. 


      Native sods also can serve as excellent structural components. Use hardy, thick and resilient sods like huckleberry, blueberry, or hayscented fern to help prevent erosion on your property. You can also use sods to help with the privacy of your home or to mask fixed constructs on you property that are otherwise an eyesore like vent pipes, foundations, or utility boxes. 

    From disguising a well head or retaining the banks of a driveway or path, sods prove time and time again to be a great solution to all kinds of structural issues. The best reason to choose native sods other than the ones listed prior, many sods are maintenance free. Unlike a grass lawn that you have to consistently mow and maintain, sods can give you the pleasure of a well kept yard with little to no maintenance for years to come. 

Just Remember

Native sods are still plants and will need proper care until fully established in their new home. Ask us about installation and maintenance for our products and you will have your "dreamscape" for countless years to enjoy.